YWSE-SF 2017 Annual Retreat:

November 3-5, 2017

NatureBridge, Sausalito, CA


Imagine a weekend getaway retreat amidst the startling beauty of the Marin Headlands, surrounded by inspiring women. Think walks on the coast, cozy evening discussions, stimulating talks led by inspiring women entrepreneurs, and time to reflect and connect. 

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As each year comes to a close, we invite our community to a retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area for a weekend of workshops, connection, learning, and rejuvenation.  This is an opportunity to connect with other women who are passionate about creating change and learning how to best put their passions into action.

YWSE-SF is proud to announce this year's retreat theme:  "Community Building with True Purpose", with a focus on supporting each woman to clarify her authentic life purpose, and allowing that purpose to fuel community building as a means to make social impact.

In her book, "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying", end-of-life caregiver Bronnie Ware identifies the top regret of her patients as "I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me". But how does one identify what living a true, authentic life looks like? And how does one channel authenticity into a purposeful life that benefits not just one individual, but the surrounding community and society as a whole?

The purpose of the YWSE-SF 2017 Retreat is to bring together women who are working toward positive change in the world around us, through entrepreneurship and in our work, to collaborate, learn, and build a supportive community together.


Seeking Speakers, Activity Leaders, and Workshop Facilitators!

Can you lead an engaging workshop or activity fitting with this year's retreat theme? 

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Photos below from the 2016 retreat

YWSE-SF 2016 Annual Retreat:


Awareness, Advocacy, and Building Community

October 14-16, 2016

NatureBridge, Sausalito, CA

About the Retreat 

YWSE-SF is proud to announce this year's retreat theme: "Awareness, Advocacy, and Building Community" with a focus on being an effective advocate for yourself, your business, your allies, your community, and your cause. 

The world can be a scary, difficult place and the YWSE-SF community is hell-bent on making it better. Creating social impact and change requires participation, collaboration, and compassion of all community members.  The purpose of the YWSE-SF 2016 Retreat is to bring together women who are working toward positive change in the world around us, through entrepreneurship and in our work, to collaborate, learn, and build a supportive community together.

At this year’s retreat, participants will focus on self-care, self-love, mindfulness, compassion, and consciousness to unlock the potential we can and must bring to our work. We will explore how best to develop and leverage influence, identify and embolden advocates, and find and enable allies. We know that progress can only be made when we are our unapologetic, authentic selves, we bridge the chasms in our communities by working together, and we encourage and honor diverse perspectives.


Speakers and Workshops

Life Model Canvas

Ayori Selassie

Taking a design thinking approach to life strategy, the life canvas model exercise will lead participants through a map of their life’s values, goals, activities, resources, obstacles, and inspirations in order to provide clarity and fuel for their personal and professional endeavors.

The Best Things Come to Those Who Create

Andrea Clark

In this session, participants will practice meditation and visualization tools to help them innovate in the face of what is holding them back. We'll brainstorm over current problems and focus on learning tools to help address those and others that may arise.

Lessons in Global Community Building: Take Your Soul to Work

Kelli Soll

Kelli will share her experience of building a global organization. She has had to quickly adapt and learn how to build community on both a local and global level. She’ll talk about what she has learned along the way and what has helped her overcome challenges.

Where is the Love?: Examining The Ethos of Black Love & The Accompanying Legacy of Self-Hatred

Joy Hightower & Kulwa Apara

Joy and Kulwa will offer a journey and introspection into the physic, physical, and emotional structures of self-hatred. Joy will share her dissertation research on how internalized racism has shaped relationships in the black community. Kulwa will share her experience working in an Ethiopian orphanage to explore how State-sponsored violence impacts children.

Feminist Allyship with #BlackLivesMatter

Anna Nti-Asare

Description: Anna will look at the movement of advocating for Black lives, which is currently sweeping our nation, through a feminist lens. It will educate audience members on the connection of #BlackLivesMatter to moments of injustice throughout history and will provide concrete next steps for allies of the movement.



The retreat will take place at NatureBridge in the Marin Headlands, only 30 minutes from San Francisco and right next to the beach. This idyllic location allows for the perfect opportunity to disconnect from our electronics and connect within the community. 

We will also have down time to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, take walks on the beach, and just enjoy time with each other. The registration fee for the retreat includes lodging in a bunk-style dormitory and six delicious meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch). 

This is YWSE-SF's signature event and there are many opportunities for learning, experiencing, and engaging with a group of inspirational women.


Questions? Contact Us at sanfrancisco@ywse.org.