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"How to Lean In Without Burning Out"- Shift your Mindset with Vanessa Loder of Mindfulness Based Achievement

Women today feel a lot of pressure to succeed in all aspects of their lives. This pursuit of “having it all,” coupled with 24/7 connectivity, cause many women to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out. Join us for an evening with Vanessa Loder of Mindfulness Based Achievement to explore success that is sustainable, through a mindfulness based approach and core mindset shift. Leave feeling inspired and empowered!

About the Speaker:

Vanessa is a renowned speaker and women’s leadership expert and cofounder of Mindfulness Based Achievement. In her previous life, Vanessa was a successful private equity investor who advised fast growing companies. She is a self described over-achiever whose unfulfilling experience of continual career climbing left her burned out, exhausted and eager to find another way. Her personal transformation, subsequent research and work have led to thousands of women creating success in an easier way.

Vanessa is a regular contributor to Forbes, and has been featured in Fast Company, Mind, Body, Green and the Huffington Post. Vanessa has taught the MBA curriculum at Airbnb, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and many other organizations. Her Tedxtalk “How To Lean In Without Burning Out” has over 100,000 views. Over 12,000 people have participated in MBA's 30 Day Meditation Challenge.

Vanessa lives in San Francisco, CA with her husband and two children.