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"How to Lean In Without Burning Out"- Shift your Mindset with Vanessa Loder of Mindfulness Based Achievement

Women today feel a lot of pressure to succeed in all aspects of their lives. This pursuit of “having it all,” coupled with 24/7 connectivity, cause many women to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out. Join us for an evening with Vanessa Loder of Mindfulness Based Achievement to explore success that is sustainable, through a mindfulness based approach and core mindset shift. Leave feeling inspired and empowered!

About the Speaker:

Vanessa is a renowned speaker and women’s leadership expert and cofounder of Mindfulness Based Achievement. In her previous life, Vanessa was a successful private equity investor who advised fast growing companies. She is a self described over-achiever whose unfulfilling experience of continual career climbing left her burned out, exhausted and eager to find another way. Her personal transformation, subsequent research and work have led to thousands of women creating success in an easier way.

Vanessa is a regular contributor to Forbes, and has been featured in Fast Company, Mind, Body, Green and the Huffington Post. Vanessa has taught the MBA curriculum at Airbnb, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and many other organizations. Her Tedxtalk “How To Lean In Without Burning Out” has over 100,000 views. Over 12,000 people have participated in MBA's 30 Day Meditation Challenge.

Vanessa lives in San Francisco, CA with her husband and two children.

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Successful Leadership: Five Keys of Influence

Join YWSE-SF and YWTF for our first collaborative event of 2017. We will feature guest speaker Stephanie Staidle who is a licensed art therapist, business coach, and creator of The Right Brain Entrepreneur .

In this interactive workshop you will learn the five keys of strong communication for improved leadership, sales, and business success. By using psychology based hands-on exercises designed to tap into your brain’s natural potential, you will have a deeper understanding of your hidden personal and professional barriers in communication. Breaking these barriers will allow you to share your mission more effectively. You will learn new skills, based in brain science, on how to inspire and motivate others to work with you. We will use some art forms during this workshop, so bring your creative hat! There will be time to mingle and meet other attendees as well.

About the Speaker:

Stephanie Staidle, founder of The Right Brain Entrepreneur, is a licensed art therapist and business coach who helps entrepreneurs bring their visions into the world through businesses they love. With 18 years experience in psychology, she teaches you how to use “right brain thinking” for increased clarity, confidence and profits. www.trbe.org

Co-Organizers: Younger Women's Task Force - San Francisco

We believe in the power of smart, strong, dedicated women who want to make a difference. YWTF-SF was founded to give young women an outlet to harness this power to make a substantive impact on their communities. We want to bring passionate young women together to talk about issues, take action in the community, and have a lot of fun along the way. Each 6 months we focus on an issue affecting women in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe the people best equipped to identify opportunities to improve the Bay Area are the ones living in it – so we want to hear from you. For more information visit http://ywtf-sf.aauw.net/

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Taking big leaps with your social impact business: a chat with Dara Kosberg of The Dinner Party

Join YWSE-SF for a conversation with Dara Kosberg, Founding Team Member and Chief Business Officer of The Dinner Party!

Dara will share her experiences and challenges as a founding team member of the nonprofit The Dinner Party, an international movement of 20-and-30-year-olds out to change the way we approach life after loss. We'll hear about her experience joining the founding team of The Dinner Party, making the shift from a scrappy organization to a more well-resourced one, and developing a corporate program for revenue generation, as well as dealing with challenging career decisions. In the last 4 years, Dara has helped grow the organization from 5 to 250 volunteer-run community groups. The Dinner Party has been featured on CNN, NPR’s Morning Edition, New York Times, and Oprah Magazine.

About the Speaker:

Dara is a founding team member of The Dinner Party (TDP), a nonprofit organization out to transform life after loss from an isolating experience into one marked by community support, candid conversation, and forward movement. She joined TDP before its launch in 2013 as Chief Community Builder to create that same feeling of community and shared understanding for others that she experienced at her first Dinner Party. She's now developing a corporate program for TDP to change workplace culture around loss. Dara is a strategy consultant with 15 years of experience developing educational programs and cross-sector partnerships at nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She has a MA in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies from Stanford University's Graduate School of Education.

6:30 pm18:30

The Science Behind Creating a Business You Love

In this interactive presentation, participants will discover the three fundamental elements required to create a business they love. We will learn new tools, based in the neuroscience of performance, to match a business with our passions, identify and remove obstacles entrepreneurs commonly face, and find the confidence to make our business visions reality.

Stephanie Staidle is a licensed art therapist and business coach who helps individuals and companies bring their visions alive into the world through businesses they love that make a difference. Her mission is to transform the world of business from one that relies solely on logic, language, and numbers to one that values creativity, risk-taking, play and innovation. Learn more about Stephanie at http://therightbrainentrepreneur.com/

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Oct 16

YWSE-SF 2016 Annual Retreat

  • NatureBridge

Each fall we invite our community to a retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area for a weekend of workshops, connection, learning, and rejuvenation. This is an opportunity to connect with other women who are passionate about creating change and learning how to best put their passions into action. 

Stay tuned for our speaker application and attendee registration! If you or someone you know is interested in being a speaker, or has a skill to share at this annual event, please contact us at sanfrancisco@ywse.org.